Maximizing Dealership Performance

F&I Products, D.O.W.C. & Reinsurance

Assured First provides automotive dealers with solutions to grow sales and with products for today's consumer!

Tailored Solutions

Our products are designed for today's consumer and vehicles.

Improved Cash Flow

Low cost solutions to maximize your cash flow.

Service & Retention

We specialize in increasing retention at your dealership.

Unique Products

We provide products that our dealers are asking for and custom tailor solutions.

Negotiating Tool

Help sell more cars with our Lifetime Program with Wrap up sell!

Increased Loyalty

Give your customers a reason to come back for service.

Lock In Service

Sell on service lane to service customers improving retention.

Online Administration

Easily rate, enter and print your customers contracts.

Over 15 Years Experience - Product's Insured by A+ Rated Companies.

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